Having an art painting in your possession valued allows you to insure it, sell it or simply assess an element of your heritage. The examination of the work must be carried out by an expert, firsthand. Many websites offer to estimate your works online. Just submit photos, descriptions, and other information to them. Update on the different means of estimating a painting.

Online estimation: easy and often free

Today, many platforms on the web offer an estimate of your paintings online by specialists in art history. No need to relocate, all you need to do is send photos and/or a description of your work via a form online.  This is an attractive solution for board owners living in remote areas and for those who wish to remain anonymous. However, not all websites are created equal. Some are specialists in paintings, others are generalists and offer estimates of all types of works (sculptures, paintings, photographs, etc.). Examining the painting may be free or cost around ten euros, depending on its value. Providers can also offer you a package for an unlimited number of assessments. These websites are also useful for getting an idea of ​​the price of similar works. To know the cost of your piece of art now, make a free estimate with Mr. Expert.

The auctioneer: the choice of reliability

Using an auctioneer is the most reliable solution for a painting estimate.  It is indeed a regulated profession, accessible via a state diploma. It is also supervised by professional organizations, such as the French Syndicate of Professional Experts in Works of Art (SFEP) or the Syndicate of Voluntary Auction Houses (SYMEV). An auctioneer usually works with an auction house. Their services are not free. Indeed, they may have recourse to third parties to arrive at the most accurate estimate: experts, art historians, specialists of an era, etc. However, you can get a free estimate during the Marteau Days of the profession, which take place annually in March.

Antique dealers and gallery owners: mainly to sell

Although grouped together in the Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA), antique dealers and gallery owners are not regulated professions. Nevertheless, their expertise is recognized and constitutes a good source for an estimate of fabrics. They usually collaborate with auction houses or catalogs reasoned, approved by Justice, insurers and customs. They can offer you a price at which to buy your painting, which is a rough estimate, calculated after deducting any restoration costs and commissions. They can also accept your painting on consignment, giving you an estimate of how much they could sell your painting.