It is hardly easy to estimate your possessions, works of art, or collectibles, it can even become a real obstacle.  If it is valued at a low price, it would lead potential buyers to believe that the item is faulty, damaged, that the authenticity is poor, or that there is a hidden defect. Raising the price too high would cause potential buyers to forgo the purchase of the item. The only good solution is to sell the item at the right price. The question is: how to estimate the price of an object?  There are, in fact, various solutions that can help you assess the value of your property, including online appraisal tools.

The different resale sites

The resale site is a good online valuation tool for those who want to sell vintage and everyday items.  All you have to do is carry out a market study on various sites such as Amazon, eBay, Le Bon Coin, or even the Mr. Expert website, in order to obtain a price range relevant to your property.  Getting old jewelry, art objects, or collectibles valued is even harder, because of its uniqueness and authenticity.

Flea markets

Have your various objects, furniture, etc., estimated.  on the flea market online can help you in the sale of your second-hand items.  These bring together items from the same category to guarantee you an estimate and allow you to easily adjust your prices.

Mobile applications

These are a great help to resellers for online property valuation. There are, in fact, countless applications that can easily allow you to estimate various goods such as wine, cars, real estate, houses, etc.  Other more relevant applications estimate your assets and then publish your offers online on ad sites or various marketplaces. The price estimate of a second-hand item is as follows: the calculation of the market value which depends on the price on different marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Le Bon Coin, etc. Then the calculation of the residual value depends on the category of belonging of the object in question, its date and price of purchase, and its condition.