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Who are the most famous street art artists?

At present, there is no doubt that the street art movement has made a place for itself in the art market. We can’t talk about urban art without mentioning the English artist Banksy who is one of the leading figures…

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What is Art Therapy?

Therapy is defined as the set of means whose objective is the cure or relief of an illness or symptom. Drugs, surgery, diet, and sports are examples of these means.  There is one that dates back to ancient times and…

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What is Land Art?

Land art is an artistic stream of contemporary trends that set aside exposure to museums and galleries.  This art showcases nature and the landscape and uses raw materials like wood, earth, rocks or branches, etc.  An overview of the subject….

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What are the principles of modern architecture?

Modern architecture is a style that emphasizes function and simplified form. She clearly rejects ornaments.  This project aesthetic differs from more sophisticated and ornate homes. Modern architecture is generally characterized by clean lines. The central idea of ​​modern architecture is…

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