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Expanding Horizons: The Global Reach of Online Art Galleries

Art galleries have evolved over centuries, undergoing major shifts in form and function to keep pace with changes in societal attitudes, culture, and technology. From grand, palatial structures housing collections of the elite, galleries have metamorphosed into accessible spaces of…

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What is the best way to get an estimate of a work of art?

Having an art painting in your possession valued allows you to insure it, sell it or simply assess an element of your heritage. The examination of the work must be carried out by an expert, firsthand. Many websites offer to…

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The auctioneer: your ally for estimating your items

For the general public, resorting to an auctioneer is perceived as an expensive operation, only really useful when it comes to goods of great value: the estimation of an old vase, the sale of a masterpiece, a print, or special…

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Online estimation: the tools that will help you

It is hardly easy to estimate your possessions, works of art, or collectibles, it can even become a real obstacle.  If it is valued at a low price, it would lead potential buyers to believe that the item is faulty,…

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The advantages of digital art

Mainly, digital art brings together several creative tools as well as the digital language. Since the 1960s, digital art began to be independent art.  It has several resources such as interactive art, virtual reality, generative art, augmented reality, and audiovisual…

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Paris: how to get to an antique dealer?

Some people own things they cherish so much because they are valuables, heirlooms, or gifts from their parents. These items may be exceptional, but some of them may also be modest items. How to know?  The profession of an antique…

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How to find out the exact value of a painting?

Do you have a collection of paintings by different painters and want to sell them? Start by estimating each work so that you can set the selling price.  Whether you go for a regular sale or an auction, you need…

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