At present, there is no doubt that the street art movement has made a place for itself in the art market. We can't talk about urban art without mentioning the English artist Banksy who is one of the leading figures of this artistic movement born in the 90's that some people still consider as subversive.

The great names of street art

Street art artists showcase their talents in all major cities around the world. These urban frescoes, sometimes funny or moving, attract the attention of passers-by. There are hundreds of terms to describe this artistic work because each of us perceives its values in a different way. The most famous Street Art artists exhibit in art galleries all over the world and in all the major auction houses. Everyone knows the famous Bansky, the English artist, but we can also mention among the most talented French Jef Aerosol, Thoma Vuille a French-Swiss, JR, another French, the Canadian iHeart, Invader, the American Shepard Fairey, Miss Tic, the twin brothers Os Geomos or Keith Haring disappeared in 1990 and the list is far from complete.

History of this trend

Street art appeared in the United States where it first took the form of graffiti in the corridors of the New York subway. Today, urban art is exhibited in the largest galleries and the works of some renowned artists reach colossal sums. The work of Banksy, the most famous of all, has become a reference in the field of street art, even though the identity of the artist remains a great mystery. Among his most famous works, we can mention "The little girl with a balloon", "Santa's Ghetto", "La Porte du Bataclan", Napalm ...

A very simple artistic practice

To achieve their artworks, Street Art artists use very simple tools and materials: cutters, paint rollers, adhesive tape, a door, a facade wall, a square but each creation has a precise objective to convey a message, a political opinion, etc. Come and discover the greatest artists in contemporary art galleries and museums because today urban art has earned nobility. The gallery owners of the whole world are always on the lookout for new street art talent as it gets revealed every day somewhere in a big city on the planet.