There are many reasons that can lead you to sell your precious jewelry. To do this, you must first of all know the value of your jewelry by having it estimated by professionals. You can quickly sell your jewelry online or sign up for auction sessions. Regarding the valuation of your jewelry, you can choose, for example, free jewelry appraisal which offers you a free service. Also, you can have your jewelry estimated with auctioneers at the Public Auctions, jewelry experts or Credit Municipal in order to get an idea of ​​price. You can then display the correct price when selling your jewelry.

Evaluate your jewelry by an expert before selling them

The expertise of your jewelry is necessary in order to know exactly the value of your goods. Your jewelry will be analyzed by experts in the field such as jewelers or gemological specialists. For old jewelry, auctioneers can estimate the value of the property. The criteria that are taken into account are the size and weight of your jewelry, the metals that the designers have used as well as the manufacturing technique. You can attach a photo if you have chosen to estimate your property online. Once the expertise has been completed, you can obtain a certificate on the authenticity and use value of your jewelry. Also, it is this value that is taken into account by your insurer if you have insured it against theft, for example. For more information on valuing your jewelry, click here for a free estimate with free jewelry appraisal.

What does the jewelry expert do ?

You can have your jewelry appraised at Auction Houses, Credit Municipal or at a jeweler. free jewelry appraisal also allows you to estimate your jewelry so you can sell it quickly. One of the places where you can sell your jewelry quickly is Auction Houses. They will be appraised by an auctioneer in order to know its minimum value during the auction. Organizations like the Municipal Credit are also good ways to be able to sell your jewelry quickly.

 selling your jewelry online

You also have the option of selling your jewelry for free online. Selling online will offer you a lot of advantages, such as security or ease of sale. These days, you have the ability to easily access digital markets. There are many online shopping sites that will allow you to quickly sell your jewelry. All you have to do is post photos of your jewelry in a publication and describe your goods, specifying the characteristics